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Carmine Sand Brier

Feline Royalty (Made In France)

Feline Royalty (Made In France)

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This Adriana bracelet tangerine red Gilded with fine gold Made in France was too divine to pass by. Cause why should your cat be the only one with a bejeweled color? Reminiscent of a royal cat collar, this bracelet is a little something special for the Cat Mom. *Priced by luxury European standards and not the marked up equivelent found in most US jewelry stores.


Directly inspired from the antique ornaments of the Villa Adriana in Tivoli, an original and classical piece of work in our collection.


• Weight of the bracelet: 16 grams

• Adjustable diameter: from 5.5 cm to 7 cm

• Brass gilded with fine 18K gold with tangerine red enamel, guaranteed nickel-free

• We are proud to have developed this jewelery with renowned craftsmen, in particular a Parisian workshop which perpetuates a craft tradition in compliance with the strictest environmental standards.

• Delivered with a velvet pouch to keep your jewelry preciously

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