Who We Are

Discover the World's Finest Eco-Friendly and Artisan Products for Cat Lovers Everywhere!

We're a collective of dedicated e-commerce disruptors based in the USA and France. We're also cat lovers!

Our goal is to offer the best in organic, eco friendly, and "mission driven" products for your feline babies, human babies, "cat women" and their homes.

We scour the globe for products (predominantly made in Europe and the US) that are unique, beautiful, hard-to-find, or practical, at prices that won't break your bank! 

While it's a puzzle to try and match prices with the lesser quality stuff in the marketplace, we believe your feline besties (and you) deserve excellence! Thus, we're taking a lower profit to make this model work.

In short, the reality is, online shopping is here to stay. But, that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your ideals or your desire for quality.

Example: if you want to support local merchants who put back to their communities, but can't get to Nepal or Peru, now you can do this through ecokitty.store. While not all of our suppliers have a "give-back" policy, the majority focus on representing artisans and independent producers. 

What's more, we are committed to excellent customer service and seamless, timely shipping.

At Eco Kitty, we strive to create a win/win experience in the e-commerce pet retail space, and we hope you'll enjoy your time here!


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